BR1 Gaming, named in honor of The 1st Infantry division of the United States, the Big Red One, is a Veteran Owned, Veteran focused gaming community where all are welcome. We are a tactical, mil-sim oriented gaming community founded in February 2021 that combines real-life and in-game experience, knowledge, & professionalism to bring an efficient, entertaining, and enjoyable experience to our members and individuals playing on our servers. We aim to stay true to our motto, "Transparency and Truth", to make a positive and indelible impact on the tactical, mil-sim gaming scene for both new and seasoned players.


We provide our members with an active, engaging, professional, and fun community, but most of all, a voice. Through our decentralized command structure and democratic approach to how the community is managed, members are able to propose changes, ideas, and improvements to the community and put them to a vote. Votes are reviewed Monthly community are implemented immediately.

Additionally, we provide support for our members who have served, in any capacity around the globe, with our weekly Vet Talks, mental health support channels, and the Veteran Resources that can be accessed through the links at the top of this page.