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About Us

BR1 Gaming, named in honor of The 1st Infantry division of the United States, the Big Red One, is a Veteran Owned, Veteran-focused gaming community where all are welcome. We are a gaming community founded in February 2021 that combines real-life, in-game experience, knowledge, & professionalism to bring an efficient, entertaining, and enjoyable experience to our members and individuals playing on our servers. We aim to stay true to our motto, "Transparency and Truth", to make a positive and indelible impact on the gaming scene for both new and seasoned players.


We provide our members with an active, engaging, professional, and fun community, but most of all, an opportunity to make an impact on our local community. This is implemented with a focus on Professional and Personal Growth, charitable contributions, and everlasting experiences.


Additionally, we provide support for our members who have served, in any capacity around the globe, with our weekly Vet Talks, mental health support channels, and the Veteran Resources that can be accessed through the links on our website and discord server.



Squad - UNSC-United Nation of Squad Community
Beyond The Wire - [BR1] BR1 Gaming - Saturday Play Session | No Bots

Hell Let Loose - [BR1] BR1 Gaming - US CENTRAL [DALLAS]
Hell Let Loose - [BR1] BR1 Gaming - EVENT SERVER

The Month's Events

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